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A Certified Cash Flow Specialist is uniquely trained to build and create that plan for you: giving you a clear path to your goals, designed with the money you already have.

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I had worked in government as an educator for 10 years when the role of Executor for my father's estate was thrust upon me. Being his Executor was a real shock to me. Growing up in a family that never talked about money, I had no idea of my father's circumstances. His mortgage was not insured and he had very little savings.

I wondered why a bright person like my dad could make such mistakes and realized that he had no information and no financial advisor. I decided to leave government and become an advisor as a result. I did not want to see other people in the same predicament as my father and mother.

That decision lead me into a career that has lasted 38 years, working on every aspect of financial services. Being able to help families has given me the energy and enthusiasm to keep working. In the past several years I decided to focus on cash flow planning with families because it is here that they will get financial power to achieve both short term and long term goals.

My clients are 30 to 40 years of age, their family income is roughly $100,000 per year, they are married, have a mortgage and some debt. They live in BC. They would like to get more life out of their money. I find this an exciting group to work with because with their decision to create a plan amazing results can be experienced for the rest of that family's life together.

Dreams and Goals

In 1986 I did my first international trip, going to Europe for 2 months with my family. At that time I got the travel bug. You know this bug if you have it...you want to travel more, see more of this beautiful planet we call home. Since then I have visited eighteen other countries.

So I have my own Behavioural Cash Flow Plan to allow me the next international trip. I have met a number of people who have told me they are envious and would like to do that travel as well, with a cash flow plan, they can.

What Problems I Solve:

A common problem that the families I work with is enormous time demands. First, they have demanding work, then they have children, then the children have school, soccer, dance, gymnastics, school clubs, they have friends to visit, it goes in a steady stream. So the time to evaluate, spending, mortgage arrangements, car loans, credit cards, banking becomes very, very small.

Many of these financial decisions need analysis and time. I can offer my time to make sure the time becomes available and the decisions are beneficial.