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What a CCS™ Can Do for You:

A Certified Cash Flow Specialist is uniquely trained to build and create that plan for you: giving you a clear path to your goals, designed with the money you already have.

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I believe in listening to my clients. I believe in getting my clients a chance to the things that really matter to them. I believe a financial plan may be about getting to a dream vacation this year as well as to get to things that matter in the future. I believe my clients need a chance to succeed in becoming millionaires. I believe in giving my clients ways to take their very good income and seeing the needle move in their Net Worth.

I felt being a financial planner/advisor I would be able to help my clients succeed. But it was not until I was introduced to Behavioural Cash Flow Planning that I was truly able to help future millionaires enjoy the successes of today as well comfortably plan for their tomorrows. This was not about the "someday, one day" but about meaningfully working with clients to build for the future while getting to the things that matter today.

My most successful clients make good incomes. They have worked hard to achieve the level of success in their businesses or professions. They are skilled at what they do, but do not necessarily have time to manage their money they make or direct it in the most efficient ways. They would like to work with with a trusted financial consultant to advise in matters that will build their net worth. They are savvy enough to be concerned about mortgage and debt loads, and are interested in ways that will efficiently and expeditiously eliminate these encumbrances.

Why Behavioural Cash Flow Management™?

I became a fully accredited CCS because it gave me the practical tools to help my clients become the next Millionaire Next Door. The Behavioural Cash Flow Planning gives my clients the best possible way to succeed. It does not deal in platitudes, empty positive thinking, nor "top down" scolding or shaming. BCFP gives very usable, client friendly tools to achieve the things that really matter to them.

The Cash Flow Planning allows the client to focus what they are good at, and put their energy towards being good at their skills while partnering with a trusted financial consultant. The process is very manageable in getting clients to focus on what truly matters. The tools that are used to reduce indebtedness are brilliantly simple and very achievable.

Dreams and Goals

My dream is to have a practice full of aspiring millionaires. My dream is to give clients meaningful direction that they appreciate and act on.

One short term dream I have is to go to Maui in May of 2019. Another short term dream is to take a trip with my son to India in Summer of 2020. Another short term dream is to have a fully paid for rental property by May of 2023.

What Problems I Solve:

Most common problem solved for clients is paying off mortgages in less than half the time they have remaining in their terms. Another common problem is getting to their dream vacation (or whatever) in a way that the Visa bill does not remind them for months to come.