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Certified Cash Flow Specialists™ are trained to help you find more life from the money you already have, by using technology and behavioural economics to maximize your income and make financial management stress-free.

A 15-minute conversation with a CCS™ could change your life today.


What a CCS™ Can Do for You:

Our behaviour with money is the number one reason we cannot all maximize what we can do with the income we bring in.

Behavioural Cash Flow Management changes that by using technology and simple advice to create a custom strategy that guides you in the right direction at all times.

More about how behavioural cash flow management works

A Certified Cash Flow Specialist is uniquely trained to build and create that strategy for you: giving you a clear path to your goals, designed with the money you already have.

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What is Behavioural Cash Flow Management™?

Our Mission is to help you become successful with your money and achieve your financial goals. To do this, we focus on giving people the knowledge and tools to make sense of it all.

Behavioural Cash Flow Management™ is based on the reality that money is more than just math. Our success with money is closely intertwined with our behaviour, mindset, and actions. A CCS™ will partner with you in creating a strategy to help you learn exactly where your money goes and what amount to spend freely to automatically reach your financial dreams.

Smart Spendable Cash Flow


this Week

Imagine achieving your dreams with
one number.

  • A number that has already taken care of your bills and liabilities.

  • A number that pays down your debt.

  • A number that automatically contributes towards your short and long term dreams.

  • A number that shows how much you have left to spend.

A Behavioural Cash Flow Strategy™, customized for your unique situation and goals by a CCS™ will give you the clarity to acheive those goals - without compromising on lifestyle.

Money Found

Money Found


Can your current financial advisor report to you on your spending patterns and how they affect your short-term and long-term dreams?

Each Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ is trained to pressure-test your unique situation and formulate a strategy to combat against stress and worries like overspending, debt repayment and dream-financing.

Debt Unification


Debt Payments Before


Debt Payments After

Pay down principal as quickly as possible, save thousands in overall total interest costs and free up monthly cash flow.

When unifying debts, our aim is to combine all consumer or personal debts into as few accounts as possible, and to help you pay back debt as efficiently as possible.

Do more than chase lower monthly debt payments. Ask your CCS™ for a Behavioural Cash Flow Strategy™ and use debt unification to meet your goals as quickly as possible.