Certified Cash Flow Specialists™ help you find more life from the money you already have, by using technology to maximize your income and make financial management stress-free.

A 15-minute conversation with a CCS™ could change your life today.

What a CCS™ Can Do for You:

A Certified Cash Flow Specialist is uniquely trained to build and create that plan for you: giving you a clear path to your goals, designed with the money you already have.

CCS™ Professionals Have Been Featured In

James G. Bilcox, CFP, FMA, PFP, CCS™, CKA

200+ Plans Created

James integrated behavioural cash flow planning as a specialty into his financial planning practice because he noticed a great deal of need in the community for the adoption of a streamlined process and system that many families and business owners appeared to lack. Cash flow planning and debt management represent the gateway value proposition for his practice now & with well over 200+ written cash flow plans completed so far, his clients are enjoying greater peace of mind and victory!

Diane Colton, CCS™

15+ years experience

2003 was a devastating year. Not so good advice from the bank and the accounting firm I was dealing with cost so much; almost everything I had. At that time I decided that I needed to learn and be my own advocate and steward. It was my future. This is how I started, first as a student and then turning into an advisor.

I did not want to see what happened to me happen to others. Early on I learned that combining tax, financial and cash flow management took my clients further than any single area of the financial planning process. So here I am still growing where I have a practice of over 1,000 combined clients

Scott Campbell, CFP, CHS, CCS™

Edmonton, AB
Wealth Coach

My name is Scott Campbell and I specialize in helping young professionals and small business owners harness their cash flow, allowing them to live their life by design, rather than by default.

It all starts with making smart financial decisions now while avoiding big mistakes along the way. It starts by building a genuine relationship with an objective, third-party expert on your side. An advisor that not only provides you with advice and education but also the trusted guidance and accountability that keeps you on track to achieving financial freedom.

Dale Dyck, CCS™

Edmonton, AB
CCS Since 2014

What makes me different from all the other penguins? That was a question that we as Financial Advisors was asked. I determine to make future millionaires happy with their current life as well as to look forward with anticipation to the future they envision.

I believe in listening to my clients. I believe in getting my clients a chance to the things that really matter to them. I believe a financial plan may be about getting to a dream vacation this year as well as to get to things that matter in the future. I believe my clients need a chance to succeed in becoming millionaires. I believe in giving my clients ways to take their very good income and seeing the needle move in their Net Worth.

Bev Large, CCS™

Calgary, AB
CCS Since 2015

"Cash Flow Planning is a tool that teaches us how to make informed decisions with our money. I have both experienced and witnessed the school of thought: pay bills and make your money last until your next cheque - and it keeps people poor."

As a CCS™, I'm able to offer a user-friendly solution to the question: “How can I make my money last until the next paycheque?”

Jesse Vu, BSW, EPC, FPSC, CCS™

Calgary, AB
18+ Years Experience

As the principal advisor in Exceedia’s Private Wealth division, Jesse’s practice focuses primarily on helping families and business owners build financial road maps that address not only their financial wants and desires, but also identify critical financial events that can occur along the way.

What makes Jesse’s approach unique is her integrated process that incorporates one’s personal strategies with assets and income from their operating/holding company. While many business owners recognize the importance of planning, they are often too busy growing their business. As a result, miss potential planning opportunities.


18+ Years Experience

Hi. I’m Lisa! Financial coach and author of STRUT: How to Kick Financial ASSets in Sexy Shoes (AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!) – a fabulous financial book for women of all ages!

My job is to make money and financial education fun and easily accessible! I’m also a huge advocate of Canadians creating long-term relationships with their financial advisors to help their bottom line. I champion the independent financial brokerages and independent financial advisors who can truly find the right fit investments, products and strategies for their clients.

Christine Lang, BA (Econ), CPA, CGA, CCS™

Calgary, ab

As a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), I love having a consistent fundamental tool to start the planning process. Because clients come in at different stages of life and finances, I always felt like I had to recreate my process with everyone– or worse, was just filling a problem with a product. Cash flow planning helps me start in the same place with everyone and provide true financial planning. While the process is consistent, and the plans are unique.

Daniel Frost, CCS™

Medicine Hat, AB
CCS Since 2014

"With Cash Flow Planning I found the way! Cash Flow Planning brings harmony, clarity, focus, and control, to my clients. Some people say that food, clothing, and shelter are the three basic needs of life—but without cash flow, none of those happen, and neither does the fun stuff!"

Cash Flow Planning is not stressful because the process shows you how much money you CAN spend each month — on whatever it is that truly matters to you! There is no shame or guilt about the money you have to spend. We ensure that you have a system to follow, rather than a guessing game.

Adam Beach, CHS, CCS™

Calgary, AB
10+ Years Experience

As a trusted Advisor, I work closely with your professionals to create a meaningful life financial plan that expresses your values and creates margin. My special expertise is in providing proven solutions for entrepreneurs, professionals, and wealthy families that enhance their current portfolio and estate plans.

I help you spend less time worrying so you have more time doing what you love.

Reg Hildebrand, CFP, CCS™

Wetaskiwin, AB
15+ Years Experience

Hildebrand Wealth Management is focused on core financial planning, unique wealth creation strategies and corporate consulting. With experience in everything from retirement savings and pension decisions, to estate freezes and corporate restructuring; our team has the necessary expertise to help with your situation.

Serving clients for over 15 years, we have been distinct in the marketplace on the basis of superior financial planning services, integrity of advice, and the performance and accountability of financial products and strategies recommended.

Richard Canfield, CCS™

Edmonton, AB
Best Selling Author

Richard has now guided dozens of Canadian families in the creation of their personal Private Wealth System Blueprints. The result? Their personal money goals are accelerating forward, and the financial futures of their children are secured.

As a proven entrepreneur and a recognized authority on Infinite Banking in Canada, Richard “walks the walk” of success and wakes up every morning bursting with desire to significantly improve many people’s lives.