Manitoba & Saskatchewan

Certified Cash Flow Specialists™ help you find more life from the money you already have, by using technology to maximize your income and make financial management stress-free.

A 15-minute conversation with a CCS™ could change your life today.

What a CCS™ Can Do for You:

A Certified Cash Flow Specialist is uniquely trained to build and create that plan for you: giving you a clear path to your goals, designed with the money you already have.

CCS™ Professionals Have Been Featured In

Brandon Wiebe, CFP, CCS

Saskatoon,  SK

I am an advice only (fee only) financial planner looking to provide you with a better way to plan for your future. Advice only planning has allowed me to focus on financial planning without selling financial products. I'm an efficiency nerd. I discovered the merits of index investing and reducing the long term drag presented by high fees on mutual funds and it led to the creation of my own company where I would become a fee only financial planner.  

Many of my clients are do-it-yourself investors looking for financial planning. I also regularly serve employees whose main retirement income will come in the form of a defined benefit pension. Areas of specialty include retirement planning and cash flow planning.

Brendan Gardner, CFP, CPA, CGA, CCS, CFDS

First to Complete CCS

“This designation is going to make an impact on the debt problem plaguing this country, one person at a time. It’s time to take control and be liberated.” I chose to become a CCS™ because the impact of changing a client’s spending behaviours provides everlasting success.

Professionals like Gardner show clients how to figure out what they can spend on the things they control in their lives and help them prevent unintentional spending on things they don’t necessarily care about. All the while showing them ways they maybe able to free up money—through saving on taxes or consolidating their debt. This freed up money can fund the financial plans many dream of but can’t afford.

Tyler Monteyne, BBA, CEA, CCS™

Regina, SK
10+ Years Experience

Financial plans are more than product, it is a clear and concise direction with a well-detailed forecast of cash inflows and outflows to be sure people do not outlive their money.

At Wealth By Design Financial, we tailor our clients plans to accomplish and protect what is important to them. Cash flow planning is how we paint a picture to our clients for their financial roadmap.

Sarah King, CCS™

Saskatoon, SK
10+ Years Experience

Cash Flow Planning is important to my business because everyone has a goal, a plan, a dream for the future but often they are without vision and action items.

I am different because I take the time to guide clients in their goal setting; I surround myself with like-minded professionals and strive to make a difference in each clients life.

Andrey Belskiy, AMP, CCS™

Winnipeg, MB

People die too soon or live too long.Either way, proper planning can ensure the continued quality of life for you and your family.

I am here to help YOU! I am an Accredited Mortgage Professional, Licensed Insurance and Investment broker and Certified Cash Flow Specialist. This designation means I have specialized training that will allow me to create a written Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ that quickly helps you FIND the money to FUND your short-term dreams while saving for the future. Call me!

Weston Fader, B.Comm, CHS, CCS™

Saskatoon, SK

As the creator of the Significant Life System™ and author of Wealth Management for Business Owners: Keeping Your Profits in Your Pockets, I believe helping you to maximize your financial potential starts with understanding and being effective with the cash flow you have now.

Zena Amundsen, CFP, CDFA, CCS™

Regina, SK
Author & Speaker

Zena Amundsen is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and a Certified Cashflow Specialist.

Her experience and education match her passion. She brings a level of personal care and honesty to the table. Her practice is based on an attitude of abundance, which she describes as working in prudent possibility, with a clear understanding of the vision in mind.