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Certified Cash Flow Specialists™ help you find more life from the money you already have, by using technology to maximize your income and make financial management stress-free.

A 15-minute conversation with a CCS™ could change your life today.

What a CCS™ Can Do for You:

A Certified Cash Flow Specialist is uniquely trained to build and create that plan for you: giving you a clear path to your goals, designed with the money you already have.

CCS™ Professionals Have Been Featured In

Gregory L. Bonnell, BSc, CCS™

Halifax, NS
CCS Since 2014

Creating safe and sustainable lifestyles through cash flow planning.

With over two decades of experience, Greg’s ongoing passion is to create safe and sustainable lifestyles for clients through cash flow planning. He brings consistency and value to his client’s lives through cash flow planning and by extension financial & retirement planning.

Mike White, CFP®, CCS™

Mike has more than eight years of experience in financial services, specializing in cash flow planning and goal planning. In his role, Mike leverages technology to provide young professionals access to expert advice from anywhere in the world. He started working in the industry because of a drive to help people reach their goals — whether it be buying a new home, paying off debt, saving for retirement or reaching financial freedom. Helping someone take the first steps to reach their goals and watching them reach major milestones throughout their life is what he loves most about his job.

James Shinners, CCS™

Hammonds Plains, NS
20+ Years Experience

A good mortgage plan begins with a Great Cash Flow Plan!

We work for you to find you the best mortgage for your needs. And, our mortgage services are free to you as we get paid by the bank after your mortgage closes.

Christina Wyatt, CCS™

Dartmouth, NS

Whether you are in your 20's, 30's or 40's, getting started with the right economic strategies is crucial for building the foundation for long term success. Our process and system enables us to bring real, measurable content to people's financial lives based on the economic realities of how financial tools are supposed to work together to create bigger results.

Stephen Devlin, CCS™

Best selling author

Stephen Devlin is a value-based Licensed Life Insurance Broker and Wealth Architect, passionate about self-empowering his clients to achieve financial control for life by educating and coaching them on key financial principles and cash flow optimization strategies. He is regarded as Canada’s leading expert in implementing the Bank On Yourself® and Infinite Banking® concepts and engineering multi-figure strategic wealth plans. Stephen has been honoured with a privilege only a handful of advisors have as a member of the international organization the Million Dollar Round Table, the prestigious status of Court of the Table.

Angie Ross, BBA, BEd, CCS™

Angie has been spreading her expertise passionately as a financial educator for the past 18 years. The addition of a CCS designation has allowed her to help clients achieve their financial dreams without painful “budgeting”.