Certified Cash Flow Specialists™ help you find more life from the money you already have, by using technology to maximize your income and make financial management stress-free.

A 15-minute conversation with a CCS™ could change your life today.

What a CCS™ Can Do for You:

A Certified Cash Flow Specialist is uniquely trained to build and create that plan for you: giving you a clear path to your goals, designed with the money you already have.

CCS™ Professionals Have Been Featured In

Carmen Poudrier, CCS™

Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

Early on, I realized that beyond financial products, people needed advice about managing their finances. I’m personally committed to making a difference in the financial life of my clients. Always looking to offer a holistic approach, I’m continuously looking for solutions and strategies adapted to the client’s needs and to create, on that basis: their financial plan.

As an advisor, I believe we are in an ideal position to help our clients become debt free sooner. The personal debt situation of Canadians tells us that they need our help.

Stephen Hall, CCS™

Saint-Laurent, QC
CCS Since 2015

I want to help you reduce your debts and make more money by saving more of your own money. I will have an in depth conversations with you, to really understand your goals about money, and why they are important to you.

Eric Roy, CFP, CCS™

Gatineau, QC
15+ Years Experience

Always in the vanguard of the most recent advances with respect to financial advice, Eric is constantly learning, in an effort not only to expand the range of his financial tools, but also to properly advise and educate you. It is with this in mind that Eric has developed advanced planning strategies using life insurance, primarily at the business level.

Eric focuses on original and customized financial solutions to better serve both his private and business clientele.  An avid training enthusiast, a former national triathlete, Eric Roy has demonstrated great diligence in all the portfolios he handles, be it in terms of his availability, portfolio analysis, knowledge of current rules and customization of the strategies he maps out.

Jose Salloum, DDS, CCS™

Montreal, QC
17+ Years Experience

“We have the knowledge and we care!”

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