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A Certified Cash Flow Specialist is uniquely trained to build and create that plan for you: giving you a clear path to your goals, designed with the money you already have.

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I’m an entrepreneur, financial planner, cash flow specialist, investor, speaker, best selling author and mentor in Vancouver, B.C. helping busy business owners and professionals do more with their money so they protect their lifestyles for the rest of their lives.

I’ve had a successful chartered accountancy career and an award-winning business career.

I now own The Lifestyle Protector, a boutique financial planning and wealth management firm headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., started by my father.

Behavioural cash flow planning has helped many of our clients go from confused to confident with how to spend, save and pay off debt faster. They no longer stress about whether or not they are doing the right things with their money. That couldn't make us happier.