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What a CCS™ Can Do for You:

A Certified Cash Flow Specialist is uniquely trained to build and create that plan for you: giving you a clear path to your goals, designed with the money you already have.

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Cash Flow Planning is important to because everyone has a goal, a plan, a dream for the future but often they are without vision and action items.

I take the time to guide clients in their goal setting; I surround myself with likeminded professionals and strive to make a difference in each clients life.

I am inspired by people and the dreams that are unique to each person. I volunteer my time with the Rotary Club here in Saskatoon and I am inspired everyday by the simple things we do to "be the change" and I am fortunate that in my business I can guide clients to see their dreams through.

My clients are those that recognize they have the ability to retire early, buy the family cottage or travel the world if they just had a little guidance from someone that had the right tools.

Why Behavioural Cash Flow Management™?

I chose to become a CCS because I saw the gap in our education system not teaching us about personal finance and how to run a household, such a fundamental step to success.

Dreams and Goals

My dream is to retire early so that I can travel the world! A short-term goal I had and recently achieved was buying a business from a retiring advisor, I would like to do that again in 5 years. Personally a short-term goal is to continue living a healthier lifestyle by making to the gym 3 times per week.

What Problems I Solve:

The most common problems I find and solve for are knowing exactly how to pay off debt while still saving for short and long goals.