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What a CCS™ Can Do for You:

A Certified Cash Flow Specialist is uniquely trained to build and create that plan for you: giving you a clear path to your goals, designed with the money you already have.

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My name is Scott Campbell and I specialize in helping young professionals and small business owners harness their cash flow, allowing them to live their life by design, rather than by default.

It all starts with making smart financial decisions now while avoiding big mistakes along the way. It starts by building a genuine relationship with an objective, third-party expert on your side. An advisor that not only provides you with advice and education but also the trusted guidance and accountability that keeps you on track to achieving financial freedom.

Do you want to:

  • Have more clarity around your finances

  • Never deal with standard budgeting again

  • Move closer to your short and long-term goals with more confidence

  • Reduce your financial stress

  • Implement a proven strategy with automation to simplify your finances

  • Have complete control over your business and personal finances

  • Eliminate expensive investment management fees

  • Leverage an expert so you can have more time and freedom to create a better lifestyle

I'm a fee-based Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCS) and I do comprehensive financial planning with cash flow management being at the forefront of my planning process.

I'm focused on you. Your goals, your worries, your wins, your roadblocks, everything. We dive into cash flow management, paying down debt, tax optimization, saving for a home or a rental property, organizing your estate, planning for retirement and talking through every big financial decision that pops up as you paddle your way down this crazy river that we call life.

Let’s talk one-on-one to see if there is a fit.

Why Behavioural Cash Flow Management™?

Having complete control of your monthly cash flow can give you that feeling of confidence and can leave you feeling way more certain about how money flows in and out of your life.

I became a CCS because I believed in the process that CacheFlow was teaching and I knew my clients would find a huge amount of value in applying a Behavioural Cash Flow plan to their life.

Dreams and Goals

My dream is to be completely financially independent by the age of 45. I LOVE what I do and see myself working closely with my clients for a very long time! I strive to be living a life full of adventure and to share many exciting experiences with my family.

Over the short-term, my wife and I are using our cash flow plan to keep our expenses on track while we save for a vacation to Maui!

What Problems I Solve:

Structure, accountability and objective advice. This is typically what my clients are looking for in their life. They want to know that there is a plan in place to help them achieve their goals.

In order to get there, they want an advisor that will help them with implementing structure and some simplicity into to their lives so that they can stay focused on reaching their goals. They want to know that their advisor is going to be there along the way to ensure that they stay on track and will be there when "life happens".